The Italian Multiplier Event for the Flexi-Comp project was held on 2 May 2023. 20 participants attended the event, which took place at the “Carlo Porta” Vocational School in Milan.

Francesca Di Concetto, Project Manager for Smart Bananas s.c.r.l. – the Italian partner of the project – presented the Flexi-Comp course and the related Competence Framework. After that, the event developed into an open discussion on the various course topics and on the way the Flexi-Comp course may help teachers to improve students engagement and make teaching more effective. The game scenario for Topic 1 of the Flexi-Comp course was played, to connect to the theme of digital professional development for teachers.

As some of the participants had taken the Flexi-Comp course, the closing part of the event was an opportunity to collect their feedback, respond to questions, and go deeper into the added value of the participation in the course. It was recognized that the Flexi-Comp course was very useful for those who had only basic digital skills, to increase their competences; those who already use digital technology in their teaching found the course offered interesting suggestions for more tools.