We’re thrilled to announce the availability of the FLEXICOMP Transferability Toolkit for download.

This toolkit is your guide to accessing and effectively using the tools and content within the FLEXICOMP Programme. Acting as a ‘User Manual’ or ‘Handbook,’ it offers guidelines, procedures, tools, and practice examples to facilitate the successful transfer and implementation of the program within VET organizations that work with vulnerable learners.

The Toolkit operates on a ‘Ten Steps to Transferability’ framework, taking you through the process of tailoring your local FLEXICOMP program to fit specific needs. From familiarizing yourself with the program and tools, to adapting, customizing, evaluating, and ensuring sustainability, each step is designed to guide you comprehensively.

Within each step, you’ll find:

  • Guiding principles for task execution
  • A checklist of activities to undertake
  • Troubleshooting tips and pitfalls to avoid
  • Practical examples of successful task execution
  • A list of resources to aid your efforts.

Whether you’re just beginning with the FLEXICOMP Programme or seeking to enhance ongoing efforts, the Transferability Toolkit equips you with the necessary insights to make impactful changes within your VET organization. Download the toolkit today and embark on a journey of effective education that caters to the needs of vulnerable learners.

Unlock the potential of the FLEXICOMP Programme and its tools with the Transferability Toolkit – your roadmap to successful implementation and sustainable education.

Download the Transferability Toolkit