Realized in the scope of the special call for financial support under the Erasmus + network Key Activity 2: Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness in Vocational Education and Training as a response to changes in education and training caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Erasmus+ FLEXI-COMP is officially launched today (August 12th 2021).

Led by Arcola Research LLP from United Kindom, the kick-off meeting of Flexi-comp gathered all the project partners:

  • EVBB (Germany)
  • Smart Bananas (Spain)
  • The University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • The University of Skövde (Sweden)
  • Spherical Pixel (Spain)

While the administrative and financial aspects were discussed and clarified early-on, the kick-off meeting was mainly the opportunity to review all together the different Intellectual Outputs and the possible synergies between the partners to achieve these objectives.

The project proposal states that FLEXICOMP aims to cover a spectrum of VET settings and sub-sectors within Vocational Education and Training – and will recruit educators from these sub-sectors to participate in the digital skills training programme covering Higher Education institutions, colleges and adult education centres.